Month: February 2024

Questions to Ask at Check-in for RV Parks

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You’ve just finished a long RV trip and are now driving along the RV park entrance road. You breathe a sigh in relief, anticipating a fast check-in. You can see yourself settling in, connecting the utilities and enjoying a cold one.

You want to rush through the check-in process and pay lip service to the staff as they try to provide you with pertinent information about your destination, while also reviewing the 19 rules or so?

The staff at the reception will ask the standard questions during check-in.

How many people are in your party?

Do you have any pets?

Do you own a second car?

You must ask questions during RV park check-in, whether you’re camping overnight, for a weekend, or for an extended period. Asking the right questions and planning ahead can make your RV park stay safer and more enjoyable.

Asking specific questions can also ease your transition to a new campground or community. You can find a lot of this information online, but the staff at the front desk will have the insider knowledge that RV travelers need.

What is the nearest hospital/emergency treatment?

An emergency that requires a hospital visit or an urgent care facility can occur at any time, day or evening.

Do you own a shelter for storms? If not, what is the closest one?

It is important to know this, especially if you are traveling during the spring or early summer months in northern Minnesota. It may be necessary to drive to the local fire department or community center. You can save your own life by planning ahead.

If you are traveling with pets you will need to know where and how to contact the nearest veterinarian.

You may have additional questions now that you know how to deal with medical emergencies and situations you wish never happened.

What is the nearest supermarket?

Where is the nearest pharmacy located?

You might not have access to laundry facilities.You can then ask where the nearest clean Laundromat is.You will need this service if your RV does not have a washer/dryer.

Does the local farmers’ market exist?

Do you have a favorite local restaurant to recommend?

Asking the right questions can make your trip safer and more comfortable.

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