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How to Plan My Crane Lake Minnesota RV Trip

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How I Plan My Minnesota Camping Trips

I’ve heard your questions and curious voices loud and clear. How do I pick a campsite? Do I need to make reservations? What should I pack? Well, it’s your lucky day. I’m spilling my secrets for planning a Crane Lake, Minnesota camping trip, plus offering a TON of freebies to help you get started on your camping adventure!

Making Reservations

Minnesota campsites can fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons. It’s wise to make a reservation at least a month or two in advance. Use the MN Great Outdoors tool to find the park you want, and then click on the park’s website link for details on making reservations, which are usually handled through the DNR or a county park system. Also call Headquarters RV Park in Crane Lake Minnesota for all of your RV reservation needs.

Packing for Your Trip

Creating a camping checklist is crucial. It keeps you organized and motivated. Here’s my ultimate packing list, tailored for a trip to Crane Lake MN:

  • Essentials: Insect repellent with tick resistance, paddles for canoeing, extra batteries for string lights, camera gear, rain gear.
  • Luxury Items: Since I camp in my vintage camper, Lil Hotdish, I skip the tent and sleeping bag. However, I still pack my Primus Stove Top for cooking and some extra comfort items like a cozy blanket and a portable sink.
  • Food: I love to plan my camp menu by browsing Pinterest for ideas. For simplicity, I often combine breakfast and lunch into a hearty brunch and have snacks throughout the day. Dinner usually involves campfire cooking, and no camping trip is complete without s’mores.

Outdoor Activities

Researching outdoor activities is key to making the most of your camping trip. The DNR manages over 1,300 miles of state trails, and the Metropolitan Council manages nearly 400 miles of interconnected trails. Most parks offer activities like guided tours, nature programs, archery, disc golf, geocaching, canoeing, and rock climbing.

Check out rentals available at your chosen park. Many parks provide rentals for canoes and fishing poles, and the state parks system includes 360 fishing piers and over 3,000 public boat launches.

Planning for Rainy Days

A rainy day doesn’t have to ruin your trip. Bring along board games, a deck of cards, or a good book. If you’re camping in a camper like the Lil Hotdish, you can also enjoy puzzles, snacks, and wine while waiting for the rain to stop.

Exploring Nearby Attractions

Take some time to explore nearby attractions. For example, near Crane Lake MN, Headquarters RV offers family fun in Crane Lake.

Special Camping Spots

For a unique camping adventure, consider Headquarters RV Campground in Crane Lake in St.Louis County. It’s close to the Twin Cities and offers a secluded experience. You can discover this hidden gem on MN Great Outdoors and sign up for my free guide on how to camp there.

Free Resources and Checklists

To help you get started on your camping adventure, I’m offering several freebies, including an ultimate camping checklist and a guide to camping at High Meadows Canoe-In Campground. These resources will ensure you’re well-prepared and excited for your Minnesota camping trip.


Planning a Minnesota camping trip can be simple and enjoyable with the right tools and resources. Use MN Great Outdoors to find the perfect campsite, make your reservations early, pack thoughtfully, and explore the many activities and attractions Minnesota parks have to offer. Happy camping!

Give Headquarters RV campground in Crane Lake, MN a call today!!!