RV Lifestyle

The RV lifestyle is popular with couples, young families and solo travelers. But why? What’s causing the massive increase in RV sales. Does it have to do with the nature of traveling or the wanderlust feeling? Is it due to the nature of travel or the feeling of wanderlust? Answering these questions and concerns about this lifestyle is our goal.

Most Americans are paying more attention to their bank balances these days. They are also looking at cheaper vacations and frugal getaways.

Cheap vacations and recreation

RVing can be a more affordable alternative to expensive vacations, which include flight costs, hotel expenses, and rental car fees. RV camping can be a more affordable option for those with large families or limited budgets to travel and visit distant relatives.

Families, in particular, are looking for camping trips that cost them only the campground fee, food and some admission fees to activities. A 3-day camping trip would cost the same as one night at a hotel. It’s cheaper to cook at home than eat out.

Camping is much more affordable than a Disney vacation or Viva Las Vegas.

Spend time with your family

Nothing beats taking your camper on a camping trip for a family weekend or summer vacation. The joy of sharing a campfire with family, roasting marshmallows and laughing together is priceless. One of the best things you can do to bring your family together is to let the children explore the world beyond their backyard. This time will never be refunded. RVing, however, creates memories for a lifetime.

Camp with Friends

While enjoying the outdoors, it’s an excellent way to renew friendships or make new ones. RVing can be a wonderful way to escape the stresses of everyday life, even for just a few days.

To LIVE the RV Lifestyle

Many people, including us, are fascinated by the RV lifestyle. They like the idea of picking up and moving. They get into the mind after reading a few blogs and watching hours upon hours on YouTube.

Work from anywhere

Many careers and jobs were shifted to remote working during the pandemic. They can now continue working on the road while camping and traveling with their RVs.

Employees and contractors can work remotely at their own schedule. RVers can literally step outside after work to go hiking, mountain biking, or camping.

A lower standard of living

Social media groups are flooded with discussions about a lower standard of living. People are looking for a minimalistic approach to life. People are realizing they don’t really need the McMansion with the white picket fencing and the garage filled with more toys than Carter does pills.

Renting an RV is a great alternative for those who are on a tight budget. Camping grounds and RV parks offer lower monthly rates. The RVs are either older or cheaper models, or they’re buying a newer RV with a lower price.

The most obvious reason is that people want to spend more time in nature, have a better family vacation with fewer distractions and enjoy their leisure time.